Future Of The Advertising And Marketing 26 Aralık 2017, Salı

It is possible to see advertisement  in everything which passes in front of our eyes. Ranging from the hair style to the hair style of the person to every substance and object around us, are making their own advertisement. It appears that even the frequency which the moon in the sky spreads around, has provided an inspiration for the poets.
The tactics, techniques, conceptions and strategies of advertising which have provoked the people to buy product or service in the past, are now changing and developing.
Just as the advertising has not ended in printing, it shall not end in the digital means as well. Namely, as long as the writing, picture and collage exist, the advertising shall remain to be everlasting forever. 
This is because, though humankind says that there’s no need for advertisement, the emotion in humankind’s endeavouring to buy a product as knowing that the others knows this and through this his spreading own character around him, is beyond price. 
Namely, the consumers actually want to remember that certain goods are of good quality and better continuously and the advertisements which try to persuade them towards it, subconsciously.  


 In future, the products shall make a transition to the smart store systems along with the increase of the digital culture and transformation.  Even yesterday, the news on which the Amazon Turkey would start to its activities, have already caused so many stores and brands worry concerning the future nowadays. Because, www.amazon.com provides all the blessings of the digital both as a media, and a product seller as well as a subscriber’s meter which shows the best sold products. Then we can ask “where the advertisement is in this?” Indeed the advertisement is hidden in the details of the product’s going to Amazon.com. Let us say that we’ve put the product into Amazon but what if people shall not buy this product. Namely, our being shown in the Amazon does not mean that we shall sell the product.  We have to solve the issues such as the introduction of the product, what does it do and how the target mass shall go to its page in Amazon, in future as well. 
The greatest obstacle in front of this is the fact that the digital culture is developing so rapidly that the channels form their own muscles besides this.  Namely a product whose introduction could be made in instagram.com, shall seem to be better in Facebook tomorrow and more logical in LinkedIn. Of course, along with especially the internet’s swallowing everything, working together with the chefs that know how this orchestra could be directed, shall also keep people away from the faults. Because, the advertisement business is indeed something in the taste of being a gardener in the amazon forests.  Yet, it is that much hard to make your brand, your product give the answers of your questions of “How, what and from where can I buy?” and also it should be based on fiction.  

Unfortunately, a digital is neither a crop sewn in a field nor a handful thing.  Consequently, as we’ve been always saying that, it is unfortunate that the digital introduction which is not supported by television and field studies, cannot reach success too often. Here, this is also an indicator of the integrated advertisement strategies’ shall gain much importance in the years ahead. During which hours, in which segmentation, to which people and as saying what and how, we shall be viewed and shall we convert this into sale or introduction? Namely, when the occasion rises, as we’re playing our football in PlayStation, we shall be in a position to run after our ball in the field in muds, thus after life. Especially, the places where the people gather, shall start to gain importance too much. The squares, Shopping Malls, matches, etc.  

The media planning and media buyouts done previously, shall not remain in their today’s state as well. Especially for the digital planning and its integration in TV and field, one shall be driven into a state to work with conscious agencies which can carry out all of them together. Namely, the advertisement and marketing agencies shall gain a stronger structure and realize the media buyout businesses, as well. Naturally, the media planning shall come beside the word of the strategy as well as the word of the creative which comes beside it. Because, due to the rapid information flow in media buyout and the channels’ wanting to give one price in Google’s mentality, it shall end the media purchasing trade as well. Namely if we want some people to find the product or service, we shall also want to pay for treats in sterility which we can trust in the same kitchen. 

I’ve said that the life is not flowing as it was in the past, isn’t it. The digital media has started to confuse all of us a little.  Now the people do not realize any buyout without making any research from the internet in the ratio of 70% when they buy a good or service. In addition to this, with the increase of the reliable brands which they can buyout, it means that much more digital trading is waiting for us. With the entrance of the digital coins like bitcoin into the lives of people, the digital culture has started to make its own nets. Namely, if we want to exist in future, we cannot deny the digital culture; all consultants, companies, states and brands shall also be obliged to keep up step with this transformation.  Moreover, so many brands who do not realize this within 10 years, shall come up against the danger of extinction. For this, we shall be obliged to learn the projects and inventions oriented towards the digital culture which conduce to the replacement of the goods or service giving birth to the new life culture in the days ahead. Everybody’s telling about the bitcoin to each other within 3-4 years is indeed something like this. In the years of 2007s, everybody was asking to each other that didn’t you have a Facebook page. Now they are asking if they have a bitcoin account.

As the wearable technologies increase, the life shall get into another form. Naturally the marketing and the advertising proceed towards running and walking together with you and following up the location that you’re going to. In fact, we have already turned into a robot-like living creature a little bit. Because, along with the smart phones, the smart watches, also the smart necklaces, smart rings, smart shirts, smart jackets shall also start to emerge as well. With the data taken from these, incredible inventions shall arise as well. Because, so many big data shall be obtained as a treasure due to these tools which can measure the things ranging from how much a person walks to how much he breathes and the heart rhythm while he’s doing shopping. And this shall constitute the system which feeds itself as the products which people can use in transition to data. Indeed all these equipment which we use, shall cause the rising of the strategies in the kind of which makes the advertisers and marketers get excited due to their not leaving the people in their receiving all the emotions, products and services which they obtain in their life cycles alone.

In fact, there’s nothing happened, man who invented the first spear shall now start to use the smart technologies as a spear, as well. We shall also witness to the great inventions after finding out the tools for earning one’s life.  I think that I come from a lucky generation, I have seen the first black and white television and the first cell phone, the first entrance to the internet, exploring the first social channels; for example I’ve been among the first ones who tried the yemeksepeti.com or among the ones who’s gotten the first members to the sahibinden.com. Also to the alibaba.com. Consequently, while all these equipment that we’ve talked, are setting sail towards serving to humanity, it needs to think that future shall possess more stimulant systems besides its being easier than it is today.  For example, we all adjust our phones and wake up in that way in the morning. As we are carrying out all our agendas by a phone, we’ve been making our mails and payments by means of telephone as well.   
In brief, in future the advertisement and marketing shall penetrate into each other, be subjected to mutation, shall not be able to be separated  and shall go through a metamorphosis from a state of  being two structures that  lost in each other into another state. The advertisers and marketers who follow up this closely, produce solutions and who can explain their customers better shall always be in the front in new markets by keeping up step with the digital conversion who can explain their customers better with new ideas and new projections. 
And my recommendation to the ones who want to experience this conversion is that let yourself go into the life and never give up experiencing it. Because experiencing the first innovations for the first time, prompts the brain. Afterwards, at the moment when you you’ll be in a position in which you let yourself go, you’ll also be in a position in which you let it go hang.

Consequently, we have to be advertising and marketing people who have tried all the coming innovations and solved the issue of whether they serve he purpose or not better. 
Because, the way to the new advertisement and marketing communication passes through this conversion. In the link that I shall give below, there is an introduction of a product which Amazon.com has developed. Its consumers are both taking information by talking and forming their shopping lists. In the next stage, I think its assuming in a structure which can make shopping by voice (advertisement, product, sale, technology all coming together) is not too far.